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Emily Foster, RD and founder of Glowing Potential can be found at a range of speaking events across the UK.
Please do get in contact if you would like to book her for your upcoming event. 
We can also find credible and engaging specialist nutrition professionals for your next event.

Food Matters Live 2018

Tuesday-Thursday 20th-22nd November,
Match Roundtable: Navigating nutrition and health claims on-pack and in your marketing 

Suitable for food brands of any size, join Emily as she explores EU nutrition and health claims on-pack and in your marketing initiatives. This lively and interactive session will cover the following areas:

  • The basics of EU nutrition and health claims: what exactly are they and how do you make them?

  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Three key questions you must answer before making a claim for your product.

  • How to ethically and innovatively weave your claims into your marketing initiatives.

  • Resources and novel examples of products using nutrition and health claims.

Preparing to meet calorie reduction targets: workplace and public sector catering - Host - 20th at 2.15pm

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Eat well tweet well: Raising the Dietetic Profession in a Digital Age, 2018

Saturday 10th, February
Socially Speaking: How to have your voice heard on social media AND manage your risk.


Food & DRINK EXPO 2018
grocer shop talk Live stage

Monday-Wednesday 16th-18th April,
Personalised Nutrition Panel - Host
 Personalised nutrition is the new healthy movement that puts consumers in the driving seat.This panel discusses this emerging category’s potential with leading industry experts, and explains how you can tap into the trend for successful personalised products, services and retail experiences.
Superfood or super fake? Panel - Host
What’s so ‘super’ about superfoods? Emily Foster from Glowing Potential leads a lively panel discussion with industry experts from all sides of the debate weighing in on whether super-foods are marketing hype or genuine health helpers – and why the category chimes with today’s consumers.
Sugar Rush Panel - Panelist
how the sugar debate is shaping sales with Business Journalist Steph McGovern. From reformulation, to reduced sugar options, the Sugar Tax is transforming how the industry talks about the white stuff. Discover how to communicate with customers about health, and whether the tax is going to be effective, alongside fresh market insights from MCA.

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Webinar - Experiential marketing for rd's, august 2017

Thursday 31st, August
Experiential Marketing for RD's - Offering and promoting services unique to your practice. 

BDA LIVE: Marketing the future dietitian - 2018

Thursday 15th, March 
Messaging around dietetics and putting our best foot forward with examples from dietitians around the globe.


Food matters live 2017

Wednesday 22nd November,
12:30 - 14:00, Room 4

Sugar in supermarkets: consumer thoughts, actions and opportunities for stores to empower customers.


Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo 2017

The personalised nutrition trend - it's going mainstream, are you ready? with Mariette Abrahams & Emily Foster.

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Fall 2017 RD Entrepreneur Symposium

September 26th, 2017
Experiential Marketing for RD's: Creating engaging events to attract new clients and build brand awareness

Early-bird Discount Code: EARLY

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Webinar - Taking on twitter July 2017

Training Dietitians on how to use the power of Twitter to benefit their practices. 

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