Summer Promotion for Food Brands

The summer season is now fully upon us (give or take the UK weather) and many are turning to outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, festivals, beaches and holidays. While this can mean people are inside eating less, it also presents a lot of opportunities for food brands to attach their products to these activities through social media, marketing and events. Summer is a big trend in food and drink and it is so easy to tap in to this as a brand and ensure you don’t have a summer lull! Here are a few ideas to get your brand involved in summer:



Festivals are a hot-spot for food and drink and are a great way to get your name out there. If you are a food truck, try and get a spot at a few festivals. For brands selling products, offer free mini size/sample products to festival attendees or even offer to sponsor the festival. For small brands, look for small festivals as they are probably on the hunt for brands too! Don’t think just music festivals either, there are plenty of food festivals, vegan festivals, craft festivals and all sorts to get involved with.


Sporting events

Sport matches are another great place to give away some product and get your name out there. Again, for small brands look for slightly smaller events that maybe don’t have many food/drink options attached to them already.



An easy option that every brand can implement is to start a summer series on social media. Come up with some summery recipes using your product and share a series of recipes on social media. Then challenge your followers to do the same and to share with a certain hashtag. Perhaps incentivise with some products for the winner!


Throw your own event

Possibly the most fun option is to throw your own event! Set a theme and invite some bloggers to gain easy social coverage for your brand. Make sure that plenty of your product is on display and encourage attendees to share. Some summery options could include a BBQ or a garden party.


The key takeaway here is to stay creative with how you are marketing yourself and think up new ways of getting involved with your consumers. Most would be very grateful to receive a free snack at a festival!!