What you’ll learn in the Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course

With the Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course (FBNCC) launching on the 14thof May, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what the course will cover and what you will learn.


What exactly is the FBNCC?

The Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course is an interactive, 5-week online course aimed at food brands who want to elevate their nutrition knowledge to help them share more credible information and to feel confident about the nutrition of their products. It was developed by accredited nutrition experts to help brands that perhaps don’t have direct access to a nutritionist or dietitian, but want to enhance their nutrition communications.


What will we cover?

The course is made up of 5 weekly sessions, each covering a range of topics. Here is the rough breakdown:


Section 1: Exploring Energy

·     Calories and energy requirements

·     How energy requirements change

·     Energy in vs. energy out

·     Are all calories created equal


Section 2: Nutrients of Note

·     What is a nutrient

·     Macro vs. micronutrients

·     Carbohydrates

·     Fats

·     Protein

·     Vitamins

·     Minerals

·     UK recommendations


Section 3: Life Stages of your Customers

·     Pregnancy

·     Children

·     Teens and young adults

·     Women

·     Men 

·     Elderly


Section 4: Popular Diets & Nutrition Trends

·     Sports nutrition

·     Plant-based diets

·     Weight Management 

·     Fad diets


Section 5: Hot topics and research

·     Navigating the media

·     The hierarchy of evidence

·     Understanding and finding research


Alongside each session will be lots of group discussions and the chance to ask questions about problems that are specific to your brand. We can’t wait for the course to launch and we are sure you will love it! If you are interested in joining the first cohort, check it out and sign up here. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions