10 Tips for Getting Nutrition Communications Right

We know all too well the struggle that can be nutrition communications. As a brand you want to sell your product to your consumers and if your product is somewhat in the wellness space, you are likely going to want to talk about how great its nutrition and health benefits are! However, in the wellness space it is becoming increasingly important to get these claims right to protect your credibility. So what are some easy things you can do to get things right? Here are our top tips:


1.    Stay away from bold claims

Keep things simple. If something sounds wacky and bold, it is probably because it is and doesn’t have much truth to it. Nutrition is fairly simple!

2.    Learn the legislation

Properly read the legislation set out by the by the EU and the ASA and stick to them!

3.    Watch your health claims

The nutrition claims such as high in fibre are fairly well understood and have distinct requirements set out. Be careful about health claims such as “fibre has x effect on the digestive tract” as they are very easy to slip in to saying on social media but actually have just as strict requirements!

4.    Watch your social media 

You may be on top of it when it comes to your packaging nutrition and health claims, but be sure to follow the same rules across your social media accounts, as all types of marketing are subject to that legislation.

5.    Do your research

If you are going to be regularly discussing topics in a certain area eg. gut health then it pays off to spend some time regularly researching and learning on the topic. Get some books, go to events or seminars and keep learning.

6.    Check your sources

Always refer to research papers and academic journals when you are fact checking your information. Avoid googling! 

7.    Consult a professional

If you regularly find yourself getting stuck or just want to double check that you are on track, hire an accredited professional to give you a helping hand. For some brands, just a few hours to fact check is enough.

8.    Stick to your subject area

 If you are a food brand, don’t be tempted to start straying and talking about skincare or exercise. Stick to what you know and you will be less likely to be in the wrong!

9.    Be consistent 

Decide early on what your strategy and general themes will be and then keep your communications consistent to that strategy across all of your platforms.

10.  Stay up-to-date

Things change constantly in the nutrition field so staying up-to-date with the research is essential.