What's Hot in Plant-Based? 3 Top Trends that you Need to Know About

By now most of us are well aware that plant-based eating is on the rise and here to stay. What once was a trend reserved for the hippiest of hippies is now very much mainstream amongst men and women. With over half of the UK trying to reduce their meat consumption, brands are having to become increasingly innovative with meatless product launches. With options ranging from the cleanest, healthiest vegan foods to the “dirty vegan” junk food trend, this sector is growing quicker than ever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the hottest vegan/plant-based trends at the moment:


1.    “Meatless” meat.


While many vegans opt for only whole, plant foods, many are now turning to meat alternatives that deliver on taste, texture and their resemblance to meat. A tricky product to get right, but a very popular one if you manage it as many people are now turning to veganism for environmental reasons rather than a dislike of meat.


2.    “Dirty vegan” 

Originally the vegan movement was a very clean, healthy way of eating that often focused on raw foods or “whole” foods. These days, many are looking to get enjoyment and indulgence from their vegan treats rather than just nutritional value. Vegan doughnuts, burgers, “cheeze” fries, mac and “cheeze” and loaded waffles are just a few of the dirty vegan products that are popular at the moment. 


3.    Jackfruit

A rather specific trend, but jackfruit is an ingredient that is taking the vegan world by a storm. It is used as a substitute for pulled pork in a way that sort of falls in with the meatless meat trend, but also still sits nicely in the whole food portion of veganism too. Often used in tacos, on burgers or on top of mac and cheese, this ingredient is sure to continue its popularity as veganism grows.


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