Nutrition Communications for Food Brands - A summary.

In honour of the upcoming launch of our Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course, on March 26th, 2019 we delivered an online masterclass for Enterprise Nation to help food brands navigate the world of nutrition communications.

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One of the topics we covered was nutrition and health claims - what you can/can’t/should say on pack and in your marketing. We recognise that’s a huge topic which is why we’ve created a cheat sheet of resources and examples for food brands.

It covers:

  • Where to go to find accurate information on current (03/19) EU nutrition & health claims

  • How marketing messages follow similar rules to food labelling

  • Links to helpful resources for food brands navigating nutrition communication

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Download the Nutrition & Health Claims (for on pack and in marketing) Cheat Sheet

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    Until March 31st 11.59pm BST receive the special offer for Masterclass attendees (£100 off the Early Bird Price!) the Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course using the code