What’s your foodie "Why"?

Why are you and your brand interested in food and nutrition?

We ask this question because it is often all too easy to forget why you initially started your brand or what drew you to a specific area of nutrition in the first place. Most people/brands have one specific interest or brainwave that led to the creation of their brand so we encourage you to take a moment and reflect on that.


Perhaps your brand started because you noticed a gap in the market while looking for a product for yourself.

Maybe your product was driven by an allergy or intolerance.

Perhaps it was because you were fascinated by sports nutrition and wanted to make a product for athletes.

Or maybe you just had a brainwave or an accidental stroke of genius in the kitchen!  

We all come to food and nutrition in different ways, but the values and views we find are often similar. Most of you likely created your brand to help people in some way, to become healthier, to overcome a condition, to improve their sports performance – it is all health promotion in some way. These views probably have directly influenced your brand and product in many ways, from the ingredients you choose to the way you market your product.  

Keeping your brand’s values about nutrition and health at the core of your brand is key to retaining your integrity and identity.

As companies grow and become more successful, it can be difficult to keep ahold of these things. As your manufacturing, distribution and product range grows, sometimes the small details end up being lost. These values are what make your brand unique and identifiable to your consumers so making time to plan them in to your business is a crucial strategy for your marketing and advertising.

Sit down and think about your brand’s nutrition values and whether they are the same as when you first started, how they have changed and whether there is room for improvement.

Could you learn more about nutrition to boost your brand, or change your nutrition marketing and communications to better portray these values?