Let's face it - nutrition is a bit of a minefield. There are so many places to get information from but is it the correct information? When you're a food or wellness brand you feel it is your duty to make sure your customers are getting the right information in creative ways, but it can be tricky to know where to get the "right" (credible) information from.

Here's the thing. There are lots of nutrition + food experts out there. Because everyone eats, everyone feels as though they are an "expert". Although each of us is an expert of our own body that does not automatically make us experts in the scientific field of nutrition. 
When you work with Glowing Potential you work with specially-selected dietitians and registered nutritionists to ensure your customers and employees are getting the
most up-to-date,  science-backed info. 

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We wouldn't want it any other way because as healthcare professionals and foodies, we care about your customers too. 

If you’re a nutrition professional and are looking for our marketing coaching services, please head to www.emilycfoster.com.


Food brands, health + wellness companies

How Can We Work Together?

  1. Brand workshops or training sessions (can include Content creation + Resource Development)

  2. Edutainment - Nutrition & Health Events

  3. Health & Wellness Programme Development

  4. Roadmapping Health + Wellness Strategy - What does health and wellness mean for your business?


As Glowing Potential's services are unique and tailored to your business, all industry services require a quote. Please contact us!

If you’re a nutrition professional and are looking for our marketing coaching services, please head to

Examples of who we've worked with and what they've had to say

Glowing Potential and I have run several product demos and cooking classes together, Emily is extremely knowledgeable and upbeat. Emily engages customers and is fabulous to work with.
— Taylor Widrig • Mermaid Fare

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Case study one: FOOD brand resources
"easy beansy" CHILD + PARENT activity booklet

A food brand wants to develop a "Easy Beansy" activity booklet for parents to help get children involved in the kitchen with their bean-based product. The booklet will feature their product in several recipes and crafts. Glowing Potential works with the food brand on developing food-related crafts and activities, analyses the brand recipes to provide nutrition information to display, and creates helpful healthcare-professional approved nutrition tips and facts throughout the booklet for parents. 

"a punch of protein" 2 week social media campaign

A food brand wants to run a social media campaign about the benefits of their high-protein cereal bar. They want to cover tips to help their customers understand the importance of protein and why their bar may be a good choice for those looking for a high protein snack. Glowing Potential works with the food brand to plan out the campaign. They decide they are going to have 1 post per day for 14 days that include brand recipes, nutrition facts and product tips. Glowing Potential develops the evidence-based nutrition content for the brand to use in the social media posts in a digestible 😉format! (No nutrition gobbly-goop, we aim to write the posts in your brand's tone). A giveaway is also planned and they decide to end the campaign end with a Facebook Live Q+A hosted by a nutrition professional from Glowing Potential representing their brand. 

Case study THREE: retailtainment
"kefir believe it!" in-store marketing 

A food brand wants to impress a particular retailer, and its customers, with a unique retailtainment piece demonstrating the versatility of it's product and the benefits of live bacterial cultures. Glowing Potential works with the brand to develop a plan for the retailtainment which involves a branded fermented foods resource, a game for customers to play at the booth and what the demo will need. They decide for full impact a nutrition professional, trained to work in a store environment with customers from Glowing Potential, will be there on the day to run the demo and represent the brand. 


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If you’re a nutrition professional and are looking for our marketing coaching services, please head to