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EP18 - Another policy? Setting Boundaries on Social - 3 Things to Think About

Oh me oh my! Another policy? Well... sort of. I'm a big advocate of setting boundaries on social media and a way you can do that is to have a quick and easy policy to refer to. Not something that's 26 pages in length, just 3 quick areas of what you will and won't tolerate as well as what your objectives are. 

We cover: 

  • The two types of "attacks" on social media

  • Why you should have a "take it offline" policy

  • Deciding what you will and won't respond to

  • Deciding ahead of time what you want to be known for.

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EP16 - 6 Reasons to Focus on Social Media for Your Health Business…Now!

Concerned, frustrated, worried, deflated about the recent social media changes and predictions for 2018? Have no fear! This episode walks you through 6 reasons why social media is relevant now more than ever and how you can “see the light” as to why your business benefits from it. 

1. Social Media is … FREE! How much more convincing do you need? 

In seriousness, it is cost-free but there is a time-element involved (which isn’t really “free”, is it?).  That being said, there aren't many ways to market and advertise your business that are still free. Perhaps the odd posting a local coffee-shop flyer… but that’s about it. You can experiment on social media platforms, meet new clients, connect with old ones, all for £0, $0, whatever your currency of choice is. 

2. Social Media is about making real human connections.

Even if you just participate in relevant conversations in your industry and have an opinion. That can be enough. You don’t need to have a blog or podcast to make social media worth your time. 

3. Market Research - that comes to you!

A very quick and easy way to see what people are talking about in your industry and what other businesses or practitioners are experimenting with. You can even ask your “ideal clients” questions about what their likes and dislikes are!

4. The latest research and breaking news in your field.

As healthcare professionals (especially if you’re in nutrition) you need to be aware of all the latest and greatest stories that are breaking - you know you’re going to get asked about a television episode by clients of yours! Keeping up to date with the latest research, and conversations about the latest findings can provide you with insight you won't get anywhere else. 

5. PR Opportunities and Social Proof.

It is a lot easier to connect with people via social media than email. Think of your email inbox, how many unread emails do you have in there? Probably quite a few. Journalists and businesses running media stories or opportunities most likely have an inbox that is a black hole, your email goes in there but it’s probably not going to be found. Not because they dislike you but because if it’s not relevant to that person at the time that it’s read… good luck. Twitter, especially with hashtags like #journorequest, can be a great way to get your name out there if new media opportunities appear. 

6. Transparency - you’re a human being!

People buy from people and it is very easy to connect with people on social media and show that you have feelings and thoughts too! You (or your health biz) needs to be known/liked/trusted before people will buy from you. You can’t be at every networking event but you can participate in several social media events per week if you wanted to… in your PJs! 

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EP13 - Side Hustles, Social Media and Partnerships - Key Lessons with Helen West, Co-Founder of The Rooted Project

EP13 - Side Hustles, Social Media and Partnerships - Key Lessons with Helen West, Co-Founder of The Rooted Project

Side hustles, social media and partnerships - sound interesting to you? 
Helen West, co-founder of The Rooted Project joins Emily on the podcast today to discuss key lessons from the business and her career as a dietitian. Everything from how to partner with healthcare professionals to tips for social media (ahem! The Rooted Project won the CN Nutrition Social Media account of the year!) to planning a successful event in healthcare. A fun interview filled with key takeaways for your health business in 2018. 

EP05 - Twitter Webinar LIVE RECORDING

Regardless of what stage you are at with Twitter, Social Media is constantly evolving and it can be hard to stay on top of it all.

Tune in to hear the low-down on Twitter.

Whether you’re beginner or advanced this recording from the live Taking on Twitter webinar will get you learning things about the platform you never even knew existed!