EP19 - Creating Opportunities for your Health Business. Public Speaking, Guest Blog Posts and Brand Partnerships.

Ever wonder how people get conference speaking gigs? Scratching your head about how you even start putting your feelers out there for brand partnerships? Wanting to write a guest blog post for your favourite blogger but have no idea where to start? This episode is for you. 

We review: 
- 6 Steps to creating and reaching out to grab these opportunities
- Tips for landing conference speaking places, guest blog post spots, and brand partnership deals. 

The Six Steps: 

  1. Have your end goal in mind.

  2. Research, research, research.

  3. Why you and what can you offer?

  4. Interact informally (think social media, blog comments, etc.).

  5. Gather the relevant contact details and all the info to prep your pitch.

  6. Pitch the RELEVANT pitch.

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