EP21 - Webinar Wizardry – 5 Top Tips and Software Ideas

Webinars have been around awhile now but a lot of us have been nervous to “take the plunge”! If this is you, this is the episode for you. Join Emily as she walks you through 5 top tips of running a successful webinar and gives you 5 software options to try for your healthcare business.

Some Top Tips I've Gathered Over Time:

  1. Invest in a decent camera (it doesn't have to be mega expensive but if your computer's one isn't the best, webcams are pretty affordable nowadays and Amazon reviews are priceless)

  2. Have the camera so that you are looking at the audience (not off to the side, above or below - try and have it at eye level)

  3. Show yourself! People want to see you - it makes it more interactive. If you don't like seeing yourself on camera just hide the window that shows you your face on your computer screen - you shouldn't be worrying about how you look anyways (ya look great! 😉)

  4. Have more plain slides, keep things moving.

  5. Ask for participation in the form of polls, a question box a "hand raise", etc. from your audience. Just because they're not physically in front of you doesn't mean they can't get involved with your presentation. Have fun with this.

  6. Pssst. There’s a 6th bonus tip in the Podcast episode. 😉

Webinar Software

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