EP13 - Side Hustles, Social Media and Partnerships - Key Lessons with Helen West, Co-Founder of The Rooted Project

Side hustles, social media and partnerships - sound interesting to you? 
Helen West, co-founder of The Rooted Project joins Emily on the podcast today to discuss key lessons from the business and her career as a dietitian. Everything from how to partner with healthcare professionals to tips for social media (ahem! The Rooted Project won the CN Nutrition Social Media account of the year!) to planning a successful event in healthcare. A fun interview filled with key takeaways for your health business in 2018. 

We Review:

  • Helens Journey & The Rooted Project Gets It’s Start [time 00:00]
  • Partnering with Other Healthcare Professionals [time 06:29]
  • Social Media Tips & Tricks [time 14:15]
  • Getting Events Right! [time 27:53]
  • Side Hustle Advice [time 41:45]

Items Discussed: 
- List-making, Helen uses Asana

The Rooted Project: 
Twitter & Instagram: @Rooted_Project

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