EP12 - Membership Sites, Building Community & Business w Erica Julson, RD

Membership sites and passive income - a HOT topic right now, and something that's new to quite a lot of us as healthcare professionals. Erica Julson, RD joins me today on the podcast to discuss her experiences as the "Unconventional RD" and shares ways healthcare professionals can get involved in membership sites as well as tips to build community. 

We review: 

  • How to validate an idea (such as a membership site!)

  • How much time Erica spends updating her membership site

  • What are some membership site platforms? (Thinkific, Teachable, etc.)

  • How to work with affiliates

  • Facebook community thoughts

  • Online business courses for healthcare pro's

Erica Julson, RD is a registered dietitian based in California. She runs the Unconventional RD Facebook Group and website. Her dietetics practice can be found at ericajulson.com, which is also where the Functional Nutrition Library membership site lives!

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