Understanding & Identifying Ideal Clients | DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Understanding & Identifying Ideal Clients (i.e. Buyer Personas) 

You may cringe at the thought of conducting more marketing research but the truth is the more you know about your customer, the better you are able to help them as well as generate increased income within your healthcare practice. 

Buyer Personas are something you may have heard of before, they are also called ‘Marketing personas’. These ideal client snapshots help you identify exactly who your ideal customer is as well as how, and what they like to have communicated to them. 

So, how do you create a client/buyer persona for your healthcare practice?

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1. Plan interviews

You need to interview/analyse the following people, (plus maybe even a couple of extras): 

  • Past clients who’ve had a good experience with you
  • Past clients who’ve had a negative or neutral experience with you
  • Potential clients who have not yet purchased (e.g. this may be someone who has downloaded several of your resources on your site, but not yet purchased a service)
  • Healthcare professionals that refer to you

2. Get the answers to the following questions

When interviewing in the ‘client’ category you’re looking for answers to the following four main areas: 

  • Your client’s problems and challenges
  • The demographics of the client
  • Where your client’s “hang out”
  • How they want to be communicated with

3. Create a snapshot of your ideal client

Once you’ve gathered these answers you can put them together in a format that works best for you, perhaps it’s a powerpoint, quick sheet, video or audio clip. 

In this snapshot you will want the following sections: 

  1. Who your client is
  2. What challenges they’re having (real quotes here would be great)
  3. How your practice/service is the solution (insert a real pitch line here) 

You can create several buyer personas - as many of us will see several personas in our healthcare practices. You may even want to create a ‘negative’ buyer persona. These personas help you identify who you don’t want to be marketing your services to.

As an example you may have a persona that chows down on your content like no tomorrow but never purchases a service…you may think twice about creating content with that persona in mind if the content’s aim is to bring in more paying clients. 

Download the DIY Marketing Worksheet below to start creating your ideal buyer persona.