5 Tips for Website Brainstorming - DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

So you're building or re-vamping your website yourself. Perhaps it's Squarespace, perhaps it's Wix, perhaps you're a little bit of a technical guru and you're using Wordpress (kudos). 

Regardless, there are a couple of things that you want to think about before embarking on this marketing mission. 

  1. Domain Name Ideas/Securing a Domain Name. 

    • This one is more simple than you think. IF someone hasn't already purchased the name you want. GoDaddy.com is a good site to have a look at. 
  2. What are some other design structures that you like from other peoples pages, and why?

    • You will waste a TON of time if you just jump right in and start fiddling around with stuff. Have an idea of the structure you want for your site before actually designing it. Look around at other people's sites before you design your own to see what you want.
  3. What brands do you like the look, feel and colours of and why?

    • You and your business are a brand - what brands do you like (they can be completely unrelated to healthcare) and why? What do they stand for? What are they about on Social Media? How do they engage with customers? What colours do they use?
  4. What colour schemes will you use on your website. (Pinterest is a great one for colour schemes for DIY marketing your site).

    • Some colours work well together. Others do not. Get some inspiration before deciding and remember that you will likely want to use these colours throughout all your marketing goods. 
  5. What words would you use to describe your brand? What keywords do your clients type in search engines to find someone like you?

    • Get thinking. Are you (and/or your brand) fun but professional, are you nerdy and quirky are you glamorous? Also dig in here and really give some thought as to what people would type in if they were looking to find someone like you online in Google/Bing. Ask your friends "what would you type in Google if you had X problem".

Download the DIY Marketing Worksheet below to get started on answering some of these questions. 

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