Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course

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For food brand founders, Marketing managers and social media managers


With your big mug of coffee you sift through article after article on health, wellness and nutrition – The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Grocer, The Times, Huffington Post… the list goes on and so do the articles. One article you read reports “coffee helps you beat cancer”, the next article you click on “study shows coffee can cause cancer”.

Are you struggling to navigate this world of confusing headlines and ensure your reading (and sharing) accurate information?

Do you want to learn more about nutrition but don’t know where to turn to find a credible course?

Are you spending way too much time trying to find “good” content?

Are you looking for credible, research backed initiatives but lack the internal expertise or qualified personnel?

Does speaking to customers about your food label or claims give you the heebie jeebies?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course could be for you.


The Food Brand Nutrition Crash Course is an essential 5-week, live-taught online course for food brands and foodie consultants who want to learn more about science based nutrition and how it can enhance their brand.


  • Have assurance that your brand’s messaging and claims are credible and correct

  • Be able to deliver value to your customers without lingering doubt of the validity

  • Know how to interpret research in a way that benefits your marketing strategy (rather than confusing it)

  • Be able to have an informed conversation with a buyer about the nutrition facts and claims of your product

  • Understand the very basics of the science of nutrition to build your knowledge from


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A unique group consulting experience with nutrition industry experts giving you the tools you need to build transparent and credible relationships with your customers.