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My name is Emily Foster and I am the founder of Glowing Potential. At Glowing Potential we love food and believe your business and your customers deserve the best information. 

What does "best" mean to us? "Best" is credible, relevant, evidence-based, science-backed information delivered with enthusiasm and passion. 

We know that navigating the world of nutrition is a challenge - it’s easy to get caught up with the latest catchy headline or fad and we want to help you with that.

What’s our why?

Back in 2016, as a registered dietitian who had worked directly in innovative, customer-facing health education roles with food-brands and retailers I found that there was a need for (surprisingly) not more information but better communication and conversation around the information already available. People, in general, know what they need to do to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle but these changes are hard and without engaging conversations and behaviour change tactics healthy change is unlikely. I believe that the healthcare system (both in Canada and the UK, p.s. I’m Canadian) is already heavily burdened and that food brands, retailers and wellness companies can play a massive part in helping the population be healthier as a whole. I also believe that these strategies can help your bottom-line(1) and potentially improve customer loyalty.
Retailtainment, engaging marketing strategies incorporating nutrition education (edutainment, if you will 😉) and brand content that is science-based and credible (which does not mean boring - science can be sexy!) is what I feel will help us all lead healthier lives. This is why I started Glowing Potential.

When we provide a service for your business we use high quality, licensed nutrition professionals - mostly registered dietitians and registered nutritionists. We discuss your brands challenges, audience and tone of voice and we deliver solutions that will bring credibility, trust and transparency to the conversations you’re having with your customers. Ref. 1) Crawford, Elizabeth. Nutritional Rating Systems encourage healthier choices and boost retailer revenues, study finds. December 2017. link.

If you’re a nutrition professional and are looking for our marketing coaching services, please head to


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